Production and Shipping

We aim to complete all orders within 14 days, but some orders may take longer.

Because of our custom printing process, jerseys may take closer to 25 business days to complete, though it is typically in the 12-18 business day range. Our non-jersey apparel typically takes 1-2 weeks to produce, though it is frequently sooner.

Your preferred shipping times and methods take place after the aforementioned production times are completed.

While we never expect them, sometimes delays can take place. We recommend ordering jerseys at least 6 weeks before events to account for shipping time and for the jersey to take the longest time possible. While this rarely happens, it is better to be safe than risk ordering them too late. 


Armor.GG is not responsible for copyright violations within individual team stores. All teams submit their own artwork under the implication it is their own intellectual property. Teams are responsible for their own legal use of their logos. If a team is in violation of your copyright rules or has a stolen variation of your logo, please contact the team directly to discuss the matter with its owner or management.

All Armor.GG art and intellectual property is under its own copyright protection and is not to be reused without specifically expressed permission from its management.

Cancelling Orders, Returns, Refunds

Once an order is placed, you have 24 hours to cancel the order for a full refund. After that, we will have already paid our printer and production will have started. We are not able to cancel orders after that period of time. For this reason, please double check your gamertag, name, and shipping address.

If there is an error in shipping address or gamertag, email us as soon as possible at armorgaminggear@gmail.com. We send out orders to our printer 24 hours after the order is placed, so there is a window to make corrections. We will not issue refunds on user-side errors such as these.

Exchanges can be made to jerseys with visible damage upon arrival on a case-by-case basis. To request an exchange or see if you qualify, send us photos and descriptions of the problem to our email address and we will send them to our printer to have them tell us the best course of action for your situation.

Team Store Refunds

There are no refunds on team stores once the store goes to live. In the case of Armor Gaming Gear closing/ceasing to exist, full refunds will be given to all team stores that opened within three months of the closing announcement.

If Armor Shuts Down

In the case of Armor Gaming Gear closing/ceasing to exist, full refunds will be given to all team stores that opened within three months of the closing announcement. In the case of Armor Gaming Gear closing/ceasing to exist, all team store owners with revenue share accrued will receive a payment for that amount via paypal, and may request their print files for their jerseys to take to another vendor. While Armor has no plans of going anywhere, this is simply in case something tragic were to go wrong.